About The Awakening Spiritual Community and Rev. Erika Forbes

The Awakening Spiritual Community is a movement coming to life in San Antonio, TX.  A seed group of 12 spiritually devoted individuals, along with the founding minister Reverend Erika Forbes have answered the call within their hearts to create a place that is not bound by race, creed, sexual orientation,or religion (or lack of religion).  We want more than church.  We want to be a vision of God.



We are a community that honors the Spirit of all who feel pulled by a vision to love, who wish to share and shine that love everywhere as God. We see a place where everyone from every walk of life comes to grow and develop spiritually; where they can share and shine their unique talents, gifts and abilities,  a place we all can call our spiritual home!


We seek to embody and represent every socio-demographic profile; diversity of age, race, class, spiritual background, gender, sexuality, marital status, physical abilities, etc.  All are encouraged and valued.  It’s just who we are. We support everyone as we learn, grow and embrace all the individualized expressions of GOD,  so that we may be more spiritually available.




This vision and movement is awake and unfolding for those who have been wanting and waiting to say yes to what is in their own hearts and minds to come into this spiritual community. The real idea is to WAKE UP and KNOW that we are all one with God and that God is big enough and bold enough to hold every man, woman, child, animal and religion!


We are all waking up to the vision of a community where programs of service, creativity, art, beauty, sustainable ideas, healing, music, and “tools to use for real live living” converge to create a life that is abundant, inspiring, free, loving, prosperous and joy filled!  We are an expanding, dynamic spiritual community that is about real and authentic connection with ourselves, with each other, and God as Spirit within us and all around us! We invite and welcome you to be a part of the vision of a community and world that loves and works for everyone.


We are Committed to and guided by 6 living principals:


We are committed to what is real and timeless: Love, Truth, Healing, and Growth.

We are committed to the application of Universal Spiritual tools relevant to now:  Prayer, Meditation and Affirmation; Internal and External Right Action and Service.

We are committed to the connection that is the Spirit in everyone AND their humanity.

We are committed to the common unity within diversity.

We are committed to our own continued learning through New Thought, Ancient Wisdom and the Core Teachings found in many religions and traditions that lead to Truth.

We are committed to being a beneficial presence on the planet.


Reverend Erika Forbes began her studies in 1993, taking first year classes in the spiritual New Thought tradition under the direction of Rev. Dr. Barbara King at Hillside Center of Truth in Atlanta GA. Completing all basic new thought requirements, she entered into ministerial school with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary school of Ministry in New York, NY; she graduated from ministerial school with a concentration in world religions she was licensed and ordained in 2006. Rev. Erika then went on to complete her training with an additional two year ministerial internship program and opting to complete a dual licensing program in order to become a license practitioner with spiritual counseling as her focus while at Innerlight Ministries under the direction of Rev.Deborah Johnson in Santa Cruz, CA in 2007. Erika  completed all requirements and graduated with honors from her studies.

She is now the founding spiritual leader of The Awakening Spiritual Community, a spiritual community that seeks to embody love, joy, compassion, and service in action. We are a community that honors all paths that lead to Truth.



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