The Vision is Real!!!!!!

I said I was going to get back with you about the visioning that took place for The Awakening Spiritual Community this past Sunday…. and while there are many words I could say about the how the day went the first word that comes to my mind is…Wow!I mean it, I know, I know we use that word often in the world… for everything from “wow thats a nice shirt” to “wow I love these french fries” but I really do mean wow…this day was filled with drama ( the pc we used needed to do something like 47 updates before it would even think about playing the slide show that had taken me over a week to put together)To humor…one of our Awakening peeps kept sitting in front of the projector so her head was in the way often which cracked me up every time it happened. But to be honest I have to say what was the most amazing of all is how a room full of people many of whom had never met could go from ” Hi I don’t know you” …to ….” Can I give you a ride home” this is the power that coming together, getting still and asking the right questions has on each and everyone of us. Clearly we set the intent to be open and available to what God has for us and then we used our own powers of understanding, wisdom and love to allow for the vision to come forward….well this is the meaning of a co- creation relationship with God and each other as we honor the God within us. Over the next few weeks I many touch on other amazing things that took place that are leading us up to the first service for the Awakening Spiritual Community at some point I will have to toss in the story of how I met our DJ who is going to be the minister of music… he goes by the name of DJ EGO how cool is that? But wait I am getting ahead of myself what I wanted to share with you are a few simple but powerful words that came from one of the folks at the visioning keep in mind some people get pictures, some get sounds, some get nothing at all but these were the words that came to her and I feel like they are going to be the foundation upon which our spiritual community will grow. With love, Rev. E



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